Vida Fodona #588: O programa é que acaba pagando

Um último Vida Fodona antes do fim de abril.

O Terno - "Eu Vou"
Jards Macalé - "Besta Fera"
Chemical Brothers - "Got To Keep On"
Daft Punk - "Face to Face"
Rapture - "In The Grace of Your Love"
B-52s - "Legal Tender"
Smack - "Onde Li"
Arcade Fire - "Normal Person"
Beck - "Debra"
Barry White - "Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up"
Tim Maia - "Nobody Can Live Forever"
Kinks - "People Take Pictures of Each Other"
Van Morrison - "Madame George"
Arctic Monkeys - "The Ultracheese"
Billie Eilish - "All The Good Girls Go To Hell"

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